Poetry Competition Theme:
What Are Human Rights?


  1. Read the booklet What Are Human Rights?
    (You can download a copy of the booklet from our website or order it from our online store.)
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  2. Poem Theme: What are human rights?
  3. The poem can be handwritten or typed (single spaced).
  4. Send this information:
    Age (18 and under):
    Parent/Guardian name:
    Parent/Guardian signature:
    Parent/Guardian email address for notification:
  5. Submit your poem with a letter giving “permission to publish” (if you are under 18 this letter must be from your parent) by email to info@youthforhumanrights.org with the words “POETRY COMPETITION” in the subject line.
  6. Your poem can also be mailed directly to YHRI. For address to mail 

Deadline: December 1st
Notification: December 10th, Human Rights Day

All poems will be considered for the YHRI website. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of submissions only a selection of poems will be placed on our international website!