How to Start a Group

Simple Steps for Starting a Youth for Human Rights Group

Youth for Human Rights provides publications and materials for group education activities.

The steps to take to start your own activity in your neighborhood, city or region are simple.

You can get up and running as a YHRI group by doing each of the following actions, in this sequence.

1. Study the Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) website and watch the 30 public service announcement videos.

2. Order a YHRI Information Kit here.

3. Tell your friends about YHRI and show them the videos.

4. Form a group with your friends who are interested in helping to teach human rights.

5. Identify youth groups in your area to educate or involve in this program, including:
   a. Community groups
   b. After-school programs
   c. Schools

6. Do your presentation to the above groups, show them the YHRI videos and share the YHRI literature. Take photos, and if possible video, of you and your group teaching the YHRI program to these groups.

7. Send YHRI the news about the meetings you had with the youth and share photos with us.

8. After submitting evidence of six meetings with your local youth group you are eligible to apply to participate in the International Human Rights Summit. Please note that YHRI does not cover the costs for visa application, airfare or travel insurance. Local sponsorship will be needed to cover those costs. Only thirty Youth Country Delegates are chosen each year.